Lincoln Laboratory 60th Anniversary Planning Committee

Presenter Dr. Eric Evans:

Leslie Weiner Alger, Associate Group Leader, Advanced Satcom System and Operations

Michele Andriolo, Graphic Designer, Air & Missile Defense Technology Division

Jerry Augeri, Assistant Division Head, Air & Missile Defense Technology Division

Ellen Beachy, Program Administrator, Human Resources

Mark E. Bury, Member of the Technical Staff, Engineering Analysis and Testing Group

Heather Clark, Creative Project Lead, Communications & Community Outreach Office

Richard Gabriele, Facilities Zone Manager, Department of Facilities

Pascale Gouker, Member of the Technical Staff, Advanced Technology Division

David Granchelli, Manager, Communications & Community Outreach Office

Alan Grometstein, Consultant, Communications & Community Outreach Office

Christopher Johnson, Division Executive Officer, Air & Missile Defense Technology Division

William E. Keicher, Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Advanced Lasercom Systems and Operations Group

Alicia LaDuke, Secretary, Communications & Community Outreach Office

Dr. Kenneth R. Roth, Division Fellow

Dorothy Ryan, Senior Writer/Editor, Communications & Community Outreach Office

Karen J. Springford, Member of the Technical Staff, Space Situational Awareness Group

Derek Varga, U.X. Developer, Information Services Department

Cindy Wallace, Department Secretary, Facilitiy Services Department

Dennis P. Weron, O&M Operations Manager, Facilitiy Services Department

Roslyn Wesley, Assistant Government & Security Operations Manager, Security Service Department

“Finally, I am delighted to be able to present an award to the team responsible for the many events and activities organized to celebrate Lincoln Laboratory’s 60th Anniversary. Of course, many, many volunteers contributed to making the events successful. But this core team started working several years in advance, devoted hundreds of hours to the effort, and tackled tasks outside their job descriptions, often on their own time. Not only did they plan and manage the celebration, they also worked to design and develop all the amazing supporting products—websites, brochures, invitations, a lecture series, and even a 600-page history book. The attention to every detail—large and small—was extraordinary, and the results were phenomenal—anniversary events that brought our community closer in a terrific tribute to the culture and accomplishments of the laboratory. As one nominator noted, their worked served “to pull the community together” and “stir the sense of pride each of us felt being part of a very strong legacy.”

“The 60th Anniversary Planning Committee truly brought out the best in all of us at Lincoln Laboratory. Congratulations.”