Janet Rossi

Presenter Dr. Eric Evans:

“The books production manager at the MIT Press is responsible for producing over 250 new books and almost 400 reprints each year. At a time of great change—both for the department and the publishing industry, she inspires her staff to question existing practices and experiment with new ways of working. She anticipates challenges and offers what one nominator called “insightful and thorough guidance” to ensure her employees succeed in finding solutions to any challenge. She has found numerous ways to save the office both money and time. But, as one nominator wrote, “Her changes for cost and time efficiencies are unique because they are driven in large part by her respect for her employees and for their time.” She eagerly shares the wisdom she’s gained over many years at the MIT Press, sets high standards, and shows confidence in her employees—inspiring them to do their best work.

“Thank you for Bringing out the Best, Janet Rossi.”