Vincent J. Cerrati

Presenter: Eric Evans, Director of Lincoln Laboratory

This awardee has been working at Lincoln Laboratory since 1974. A member of the technical staff, he is an innovative engineer, an enthusiastic collaborator, and an effective manager. He has been instrumental to the success of a wide range of programs—gracefully juggling as many as ten projects at a time, yet always willing to help others. He is a daily source of advice on everything from the placement of a screw to the rescue of a critical program. While serving as a ‘walking archive’ of the Lab’s activities, he has also taken on leading and managing the Group 77 Rapid Fabrication Shop, where he capitalizes on the strengths of each individual to assign tasks and get the job done.

Called ‘a superb mentor’ by his nominator, he is never one to seek recognition for himself. A true Unsung Hero, congratulations, Vincent Cerrati.