David R. Granchelli

Presenter: Eric Evans, Director of Lincoln Laboratory

The manager for Lincoln Laboratory’s communications and community outreach office has been tireless in his efforts to connect the wider community to our engineers and scientists. His many accomplishments include transforming a fledgling outreach program into one of the best STEM programs within the Department of Defense lab structure. Leading a team of five, he also turned around a fragmented personnel awards program, which went on to win five nationally recognized R&D 100 Awards as well as an IEEE educational award. He has improved the lab’s K-12 outreach program—which serves 3,000 students a year—he supports the MIT Office of Minority Education, and he developed an Outreach Day at Lincoln Lab to increase volunteerism. Yet, despite this impressive workload—as one supporter wrote—‘he is always available to provide advice and guidance on a moment’s notice.’

In short, he is an Unsung Hero. Congratulations, David Granchelli.