Alyce Johnson

Presenter: Alison Alden, Vice President for Human Resources

An outstanding leader and example for us all, this awardee is the manager for staff diversity and inclusion. Her responsibilities include developing and implementing programs that promote diversity, equity, and respect—but she has gone above and beyond expectations in fulfilling that role. In just the past year, her work leading the Council on Staff Diversity and Inclusion has helped shape a stronger MIT vision, and her willingness to talk candidly about sensitive topics has made her invaluable in efforts to make MIT more inclusive. She co-led the Affirmative Action Planning process and created the HR Diversity and Inclusion Team, in both cases developing resource materials and distributing leadership responsibilities to multiply the Institute’s diversity efforts. She also organized an impressive knowledge-sharing event with other universities, placing MIT as a leader among its peers.

Please join me in congratulating Alyce Johnson.