Jeanne Hillery

Presenter: Israel Ruiz, Vice President for Finance

While the economy has dealt us all some tough blows the past few years, the director of finance and administration in the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education has provided hope, ongoing support, and a steady focus to a department faced with the difficult task of reducing staff and conserving resources. The long list of supporters for her nomination is a testament to her professional gifts—consensus building, transparency, dedication, and kindness. ‘No question is ever too dumb.’ She mentors and inspires others with her knowledge and patience, providing continual support in developing sound financial practices. And, while she often has to deliver difficult news, she is sensitive and fair. ‘The impact of her leadership on the success of the DUE’s budget reductions cannot be overstated.’
Thank you for Bringing out the Best, Jeanne Hillery. And congratulations.