Judith Stein

Presenter: President L. Rafael Reif

"MIT is a better place because of Judith’s efforts,” wrote one of Judith Stein’s nominators. Why? Because of Judith’s far-reaching accomplishments in the central Human Resources office. Judith focuses on making organizations more effective through productive communication and collaboration. She has helped design and deliver many workshops on diversity and inclusion. And she is masterful in guiding managers through complex processes like affirmative action planning. She always begins with careful listening – and then helps each person or group discover their own best answers and solutions.

Her colleagues report that Judith has a talent for bringing important issues to the surface. She pushes employees to do the right thing. And she leads by example. Through her consulting, teaching, coaching and mentoring, she engages employees, raises awareness and creates a trusting and inclusive atmosphere. Judith invites diverse viewpoints, encourages collaboration and demonstrates how much she appreciates those around her. Judith’s colleagues describe that attitude as simply “who she is in the world.”

I’d like to invite Judith Stein to the stage to receive the award for Advancing Inclusion and Global Perspectives.