Alan E. E. Rogers

Alan is the Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Haystack Observatory, and has served as the Associate Director of the Observatory for the past 20 years. His contributions have been exceptionally valuable in every imaginable respect. He has mentored, developed, advised, and/or supervised countless MIT staff at all levels, with a broad spectrum of interests and skills, and from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, political, and educational backgrounds. He has done likewise for students, post-docs, and visitors from universities and major laboratories around the world; as well as students and teachers from Massachusetts high schools.

Alan's extraordinary combination of world-class scientific, engineering, technical, organizational and management capabilities; his modesty and unselfishness; his honesty and integrity, and his personal leadership qualities have inspired two generations of MIT employees to develop excellence in their attitudes, their accomplishments, and their individual and collaborative work.

Over the years, Haystack Observatory has survived many course-corrections requiring changes in its mission, its management, its ownership, and its sources of financial support. Haystack has not only survived these crises and changes, it is greater now than ever before and Alan has been the one managing and leading the Observatory through all of these difficult times. While others have come and gone, Alan has been resolute and steadfast.

For your mentorship and leadership at Haystack and for your many years of dedication to MIT, we proudly present you with this MIT Excellence Award.