Support for Managers

Find resources and tools here to support you in both your work and personal life.

MIT MyLife Services

For yourself: Get free, confidential access to a network of experts who can provide emotional assistance as well as personalized resource and referral services.

For your employees: Managers and supervisors are often the best referral sources. MyLife Services consultants can help employees with issues impacting work functioning and productivity, coach managers and supervisors on how to make referrals, and help managers and supervisors develop personal action plans that address unique concerns.


Take advantage of this online suite of stress management and resilience-building resources to help with in-the-moment stress, at home and at work.

WorkLife and WellBeing seminars and consultations

Seminars: Each spring and fall the MIT Center for WorkLife and WellBeing offers a popular Seminar Series that provides research-based strategies and information to help you deal with a diverse array of work-life issues.

Consultations: Call on the MIT Center for WorkLife and WellBeing whenever you need a solution, big or small. Whatever your phase of life and whatever your challenge, they’re here to lend support and connect you with helpful resources.

Stress reduction, mindfulness, and relaxation

On campus: MIT Community Wellness offers a variety of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga classes on campus.

On-the-go support: Call 617-253-CALM (2256) for a guided, three-minute relaxation recording; download free MP3 files from MIT Medical to practice mindfulness and relaxation on your own; and/or choose a mindfulness app.

More Support

See additional resources and programs in Learn & Grow for Managers.