MIT Administrative Assistant Program

The MIT Administrative Assistant Program (MITAAP) provides Administrative Assistants with the opportunity to enhance their confidence and increase their ability to influence the work, resulting in high levels of excellence, professionalism, and job satisfaction.


Enrollment for the Winter 2020 session is now closed.

About the Program

Learning objectives

By the end of MITAAP, participants will be able to:

  • Further develop core skills and knowledge relevant to the success of their departments, labs, and centers
  • Work with a greater sense of respect, confidence, and satisfaction while advancing the work of their areas
  • Leverage a professional network of peers across campus
  • Have greater influence over their work
  • Demonstrate a greater appreciation for their professional identity and value to MIT

Targeted participants

MITAAP is intended for Administrative Assistants who are:

  • Familiar with the responsibilities and challenges of the Administrative Assistant role at MIT
  • Currently successful within their role as an Administrative Assistant
  • Self-starters who demonstrate a high level of engagement and professionalism
  • Ready and eager to learn and develop

MITAAP is not:

  • An orientation to the role of Administration Assistant
  • An opportunity to explore other careers at the Institute
  • Intended to result in a job change

Criteria for participation

To be considered for participation, individuals should meet the following criteria:

  • Have been in the role of Administrative Assistant at MIT for at least six months
  • Demonstrate readiness to learn and develop professionally while at MIT
  • Can commit to attending all program workshops
  • Have explicit support from their manager to participate fully in the program

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Components of the program

The MIT Administrative Assistant Program consists of four components, each equally important in helping participants reach their professional development goals. We expect participants to make a full commitment to participating in each component.


During program workshops, participants develop core skills critical to the Administrative Assistant role by focusing on best practices, useful strategies, and Institute resources. There will be one-hour of online learning assigned during the course of the program.

Apply learning to work

Between workshops, we ask participants to use the strategies, tools, and resources that they learn during workshops in their work. They complete practical, short assignments between workshops to enable them to do this.

Collaborative community

Participants collaborate and communicate, peer-to-peer, between workshops and following the conclusion of the program to develop their network of peers across MIT.

Manager engagement

Participants are more successful at applying what they learn to their work when they share what they learn with their manager and other colleagues back on the job. After each workshop, we ask participants to share what they learn with their manager and/or teammates and together discuss opportunities for using what they learned in their role.

If a participant's manager is unable to play this role, the participant can choose a "designate" to do this in place of the participant's manager. During the first workshop of the program, the program facilitator will assist participants in identifying a "designate" if the participant prefers this option.

How to apply to MITAAP

Step 1: Have a conversation with your manager about your interest in the program.

We encourage you and your manager to focus on how your participation in the program will potentially benefit you and your work area.

Step 2: Submit your statement of interest.

Your statement of interest should include your reasons for wanting to participate in the program and a description of how your participation in MITAAP could benefit you, your work, and the work of your area.

Step 3: Your manager completes the Manager's Statement of Support.

Your application is considered complete once we receive both your statement of interest and your manager's statement of support.

Deadline for enrollment
Enrollment for the Winter 2020 session is now closed.


All sessions take place in MIT Human Resources in NE49-5000.

SessionWinter 2020 ScheduleDate & Time
1Your Role and Value to MIT
  • Explore the opportunities and complexities of the Administrative Assistant role
  • Value your role and its importance to the mission of MIT 
  • Identify the leadership characteristics that you bring to your role
January 16

The Leader Within

  • Identify characteristics of leaders and describe your own leadership characteristics
  • Discuss leadership models relevant to your work
  • Identify leadership opportunities in your workplace and how to leverage them
January 23
3Exceptional Service
  • Build and maintain relationships with your customers and colleagues
  • Provide positive, professional customer service
  • Approach problems from a solutions perspective
January 30
4Working in a Diverse Environment
  • Recognize and respect differences
  • Engage in MIT’s diversity and inclusion initiative
  • Understand your role as a critical member of a diverse team
February 6
5Communicate for Influence
  • Communicate assertively with colleagues
  • Communicate as an active listener
  • Understand and manage how assumptions influence communication
  • Use constructive feedback to communicate with influence
February 13
6Managing Your Time & Productivity
  • Make choices about how you use your time
  • Take control of your time
  • Apply strategies that increase productivity
February 20
7Getting Comfortable with Change
  • Identify personal response to change and transition
  • Strategize ways to be more comfortable with change
  • Initiate change to bring positive improvements to work
  • Take responsibility for positive action
February 27

Need Help?

For all questions, please send an email to and a member of the MITAAP team will get back to you.