EdX Vouchers for MIT Employees

New from MIT Open Learning and edX: MIT employees are now eligible to take select courses in edX’s Verified Track at no cost.

This is an excellent opportunity for employees to focus on career development, work towards a personal or professional goal, build a skill, or learn about a new subject area.

The course you choose must be from the list of participating institutions. Once you've chosen a course, request an enrollment code using this online form, and then you can register for the course with edX. Please make all requests for vouchers by June 23 as you must register for your course with edX by June 30.


How many courses can I take?

MIT employees may choose and register for one course.

Do I have to take the course right away?

You must receive your voucher code and register for your course by June 30, but then you may take the course anytime within the next year.

Are Micro Masters and Professional Education courses covered?

Micro Master courses are included in the voucher program. Paid-only Professional Education courses are not covered.

Can I take an archived course?

Archived courses do not have a certificate option available so you are welcome to take those with no voucher code needed.

I put in a request for a course via the form, but the class already started. Should I wait for the code so I can register as a verified attendee?

You can start a course while waiting for your voucher code. Most courses have a period of time in the beginning where learners can choose to upgrade or not. This will be shown in the course once you enroll. Make sure you know the cutoff date and enter your code before that time. Learn more about upgrading to the Verified Track.


If you have questions or need help, please contact learn@mit.edu.