Community Support Resources

Find resources and information to support MIT employees and their families during these challenging and uncertain times.

MIT MyLife Services has dedicated Covid-19 support resources.

Employees can apply to the MIT Staff Emergency Hardship Fund and find additional resources below.

Caring for Children

  • MIT Campus and Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Centers: Infant and toddler spaces are available now. MIT offers scholarships for eligible employees, including postdoc associates and postdoc fellows, who have a child or children enrolled in one of MIT's Childcare Centers.
  • Backup Child Care: Screened and trained caregivers are available to care for your children during the day or evening, seven days per week
  • Parent Coaching: Schedule a one-on-one consultation with a Peace at Home Parenting coach to discuss your parenting questions or concerns
  • Parenting and Educational Support Webinars: Attend a live webinar and learn how to best support your early learner, elementary school student, or tween/teen
  • EdNavigator: Connect with an expert educational advisor (a “Navigator”) around how to manage your child’s education and learning from home
  • The Kinda Guide: Weekly online resource, developed by EdNavigator's education professionals, for navigating family life and remote learning during COVID-19. Enter code MIT44 to create an account at no cost. 
  • MyLife Services: Consult confidentially with a Master’s- or PhD-level counselor – by telephone, video, and message-based platforms (including text) – around how to support your children’s emotional needs during a crisis
  • CDC Helping Children Cope with Emergencies: Tips to help you understand and reduce the emotional impact of a crisis on your children
  • Best Online Educational Resources for When You’re Stuck at Home - With Kids: Resources from MIT Open Learning 
  • Bright Horizons Family Resources for Life at Home: Tips for children, parents, and caregivers, designed to help you stay healthy; strike the right balance with work, school, and caregiving; and keep your child engaged in learning at home
  • Bright Horizons World at Home: Guided learning opportunities that follow a typical classroom daily schedule. Explore a library of enriching activities to enhance your child’s learning and engagement

Caring for Adults and Seniors

Caring for Yourself

Caring for Your Employees

  • MIT MyLife Services: Consult confidentially with a Master’s- and PhD-level counselor – by telephone, video, and message-based platforms (including text) – around how to help your individual employees and teams navigate personal and work responsibilities during a crisis