Custodial Services Team

Paul J. Pino Jr. and Donna Fucillo

Presenter: Susan Hockfield, President

Some people may have more glamorous jobs – but nobody can beat the Custodial Services Team in Facilities for their glittering results in client satisfaction.  For more than 20 years, these two awardees have been the go-to team in every kind of emergency -- from handling spills and managing flooding to providing last-minute event assistance.  Remarkably, they handle every call with a smile and total professionalism. Courteous and respectful, they anticipate customer needs and diligently follow up to ensure total satisfaction.  If a problem doesn’t fall within their area of expertise, they take the extra step to find the right person for the job—and they see that it’s done right. The Facilities Department receives countless compliments about their ability to produce positive results whatever the circumstances.  As their nominator wrote, ‘This is the type of work ethic that MIT is all about.’

For exceptional work in Serving the Client, please congratulate Paul Pino and Donna Fucillo.