The Leave Process

To ensure leave requests are processed in a timely manner, please read the requirements for "before," "during," and "after" a leave.

Before a leave

The steps below describe the process for employees to request a leave and prepare for an absence. Supervisors, Administrative Officers (AO) and Personnel Administrators (PA), please use the process for managers.

  1. Request a leave
    At least two weeks before going on leave, notify your supervisor or AO/PA of your pending absence using the Employee Leave of Absence Request Form. Your manager, or AO/PA, will review and submit the leave request form to the MIT Disabilities Services and Medical Leaves Office (DSMLO).
  2. Submit a certification
    Medical certification information is private and confidential and should be submitted directly to the Leave Administrator in the DSMLO.
  3. Receive notification
    You will receive a notice of approval, provisional approval, or denial via US mail within a few days after your department notifies the DSMLO.
  4. Plan for benefits changes
    If any portion of your leave is unpaid, please contact MIT Benefits to make arrangements to pay insurance premiums. See a summary of benefits while on unpaid leave.

During a leave

  1. Submit status reports
    If leave is greater than 30 days, you will be required to submit a status report and a medical certification to the DSMLO every 30 days. You will receive a letter with instructions on how and where to submit medical updates.
  2. Notify us about changes
    Contact the DSMLO immediately if you need to make any changes to your leave status, including an early return to work or an extension of the leave. You will be notified in writing if the changes are approved or denied.
  3. For longer leaves
    If leave is anticipated to be greater than six months, a Long Term Disability (LTD) Application package will be mailed to your home.

After a leave

  1. Submit medical certification
    Employees returning to work after an extended absence may be required to provide a written Fitness for Duty Certification. The DSMLO will provide assistance in obtaining any required return to work medical certifications.
  2. For ADA accommodation
    Employees returning to work may also be eligible for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The DSMLO can provide assistance in this area.

Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact the MIT Disabilities Services and Medical Leaves Office (DSMLO).