MIT Compensation Initiative

August 29, 2018

The MIT Compensation Initiative is a multi-phase, multi-year project to build a compensation foundation that will enable MIT to effectively attract, develop, reward, and retain staff.

Who Is Included?

The following payroll categories are included: Administrative, SRS Administrative, and Support staff.

SRS Technical staff, Faculty, Medical staff, and Other Academic staff are not included in scope of the Compensation Initiative.

Why Are We Doing This?

To better enable MIT to attract, develop, reward, and retain staff. What will be the outcomes?

  • A new job catalog, accessible to all HR administrators at MIT, to provide resources and clear visibility to job progression paths and opportunities.
  • The ability to identify employees that are doing comparable work and conduct thorough pay equity analysis.
  • A single pay structure based on market data, to ensure MIT has competitive pay ranges and enables more flexibility as markets change.
  • Transparency with pay guidelines to allow managers to consider various ways to reward employees.