Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training

August 29, 2018

As previously shared in an email from Provost Martin Schmidt, Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart, and VP for Human Resources Lorraine A. Goffe.

Dear Colleagues,

On January 31, 2018, we initiated the phased rollout of the Haven sexual misconduct prevention training to all MIT faculty and staff. As members of the MIT community, we all hold a responsibility to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct, and this training was one step in an ongoing effort to ensure that each of us remains prepared and informed.   

We write today to let you know that we achieved 99% participation from all paid MIT faculty and staff in this training – that’s almost 9,400 of us who completed this program. We stand as a model to peer institutions, and together, we have showcased our strength and determination as a community as we continuously strive to build a better MIT and a better world.

In an effort to assess the effectiveness of this training, and to provide an opportunity for you to contribute to the program’s evolution, we invite you to participate in a quick, 5-minute evaluation from EverFi.

Additionally, we want to remind you of some helpful resources, share a summary of the key learnings from the training, and encourage you to attend an upcoming community event that will explore sexual harassment in academia:

For more information around various initiatives and additional steps we can take towards preventing sexual misconduct, please explore the MIT resources for faculty and staff.

Thank you again for your participation in this important program, and for your help in strengthening our community.  


Martin Schmidt
Cynthia Barnhart
Lorraine Goffe