When you have successfully completed a course, follow these steps to apply for reimbursement.

Timing of Reimbursement

Important: Please note that it takes up to four weeks for your reimbursement to be processed. During high-volume periods such as the end of a semester, it may take longer than four weeks.

How to Apply for Reimbursement

You must submit your request for reimbursement within one year of the course end date.

  1. Pull together essential information: the amount of tuition and other reimbursable costs such as application, registration, library, and lab fees.
  2. Enter course information into your online Tuition Assistance Account (Atlas).
    Important: If you are unable to locate your school by name, type "other" in the search field, then click "other" and manually enter in the name of the school.
  3. If you work on campus, submit your back-up documentation (proof of payment to the educational institution and proof of successful completion) to the Human Resources Department by e-mail to or by interdepartmental mail to NE49-5000.

    If you work at Lincoln Laboratory, submit these to the Lincoln Laboratory Workforce Service Center by e-mail to or by interdepartmental mail to S2-112.

    Acceptable proof of payment

    Preferred: student account statement from your school that itemizes your tuition and fees and payment in full. See an example of an acceptable student account statement below.

    If your student account statement does not show a payment in full, then please also submit one of the following:

    • copy of the front and back of your canceled check
    • credit card receipt or statement that clearly shows a payment to/charge from your school
    • cash receipt

    Acceptable proof of course completion

    • grade report or transcript indicating a C- or better
    • copy of your certificate in the case of certificate programs

    All tuition reimbursement proofs must contain your name and the name of the school or organization that offered the course. We reserve the right to request additional information should it be needed to process your reimbursement.

  4. MIT will review the most current Internal Revenue Code and tax your reimbursement, if appropriate.
  5. Your reimbursement will be paid by direct deposit to your bank account if your reimbursement preference is set for direct deposit. Otherwise, a check will be mailed to your office address.

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