Career Development Proposal Form

Career-Related Study programs are studies or degree programs that prepare you for advancement in your current or another field of work in which there are realistic full-time opportunities for future employment at MIT.

The Career Development Proposal asks you four questions about the following topics:

  • Degree program or certificate program information
  • School information
  • Graduate exam and graduate exam preparation courses
  • Your previous education
  • Your goals for career advancement at MIT
  • Realistic full-time positions that exist at MIT

Prior to completing the proposal, it is recommended that you first review the questions below and gather the necessary information.

After you submit the form, a representative from Human Resources will notify you within two weeks as to whether or not your proposal is approved.

Employee Information

Career Development Proposal

Question 1: Describe your study plan, including the name and type of your degree or certificate program plus the name and address of the school that you will attend.

Question 2: List your previous education (degrees, major fields of study, etc.).

Question 3: Briefly state your goals for career advancement at MIT.

Question 4: Please list the exact title of a full-time benefits-eligible position at MIT that you could perform after you complete your studies (e.g., Librarian, Research Scientist, Financial Analyst, Human Resources Administrator, Nurse, etc.). Please also list the name of the department, laboratory, or center in which the position is located.